This is the privacy policy for the free games Conveyor Constructor and Possessed Pawns, available to download on the Google Play Store. These apps were created by Hilde van der Laan (HildevdLaan).

Data Collected by the Applications

The applications do not collect, transmit or share any personal data of users.

Data Collected by Third Party Services

The applications were created using the Unity game engine. Because of this, Unity might collect data such as the Android Advertising ID. For additional information, please refer to Unity’s Privacy Policy.

Data Stored on your Device

The applications will create a save file on your device in order to save game data and progress. This data will remain only on your device and will not be shared with me or anyone else. When the game is uninstalled, the file will be deleted.


This privacy policy was published 9 October 2019. If anything in this policy changes, those changes will be noted in this section.


If you have any further questions, you can contact me at