Possessed Pawns
In this puzzle game based on the rules of chess, an evil spirit takes over all the pieces on the board

Genre: Puzzle

Development status: Released October 13, 2016 (Android)

Platform: Android, Browser

Play Here or Download on Google Play

  • Features:
    Unique puzzles based on chess: Use one piece to capture another, then use that piece to capture the next, until all pieces are gone.
  • Puzzle generating algorithm, creating endless puzzles of various sizes.

Conveyor Constructor
Build constructions of various colors and sizes using the blocks that appear on the conveyor belt

Genre: Puzzle

Development status: Released May 22, 2016 (Android)

Platform: Android, Browser

Play Here or Download on Google Play (unavailable)


  • Build the constructions as displayed, by dragging around the blocks coming from the top of the screen.
  • Endless mode, over 100 special challenges of various difficulty levels and endless generated challenges.

The Garden of Hralm
A fantasy worldbuilding project and Dungeons and Dragons homebrew/character sheet app

Genre: Table Top RPG

Development Status: Active development (2023)


  • Creative writing set in a fantasy world I created
  • Over 35.000 words in stories, descriptions and articles
  • Character sheet app to apply the world in a homebrew version of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

Obsidian Folder – C# Scripts


    Trees in Space
    Build bots to collect resources, explore and fight on various planets

    Genre: Incremental, Strategy

    Development status: Prototype (2022)

    Platform: Browser, Android


    • Incremental gameplay with progression through unlocking bots, upgrading them and unlocking new types of planets
    • Strategic gameplay with a focus on resource management
    • Procedurally generated planets and maps

    Play here on itch.io

    TrelloC# Scripts

    Shuffle Soldiers
    Anytime a shot is fired, a card is played

    Genre: Shooter, Roguelike, Card Game

    Development status: Prototype (2017-2019)

    Platform: PC


    • Roguelike-style runs which are different every time depending on what cards you find and how you use them.
    • Build a deck of level cards that determines what challenges you will face in the game’s strange dimensional Rifts.
    • Exciting shooter gameplay in which a deck of ammunition cards decides what happens when you fire.
    • 4 characters with completely different play styles and available cards.

    Design Wiki Card Database

    Experience the world as it might have been in medieval times, through various grid-based puzzles

    Genre: Puzzle, Augmented Reality

    Development status: Prototype (2019-2020)

    Platform: Android


    • Location-Based gameplay: Players have to visit actual locations in the world to progress
    • Player Progression: As players complete various puzzles, their character becomes stronger and has more available options
    • Various unique grid-based puzzles that represent Combat, Woodcutting, Fishing, Mining and Crafting.

    TrelloDesign Wiki



    Mail Maniacs
    A (digital) board-game about mail men gone mad

    Genre: Board-game

    Development status: Prototype (2018)


    • Roll different numbers of dice to determine how the mailmen travel the board and pick up/deliver packages
    • 4 different classes of mailmen with different specialties
    • Various harmful and helpful effects that are rolled for at the end of rounds

    Gift Games
    Over the years I have created over 20 small games as gifts for family birthdays, special occasions and holidays. With these games I often tried something I had never done before in order to broaden my skillset and experiment with new kinds of games, such as different genres, multiplayer or location-based games.

    An online competitive deckbuilder combining two of my brother’s favorite cardgames

    Genre: Cardgame, Deckbuilder

    Development Status:  Released (May 14, 2019)

    Platform: Android, Browser


    RemiJan Go
    An Augmented Reality game in which photographs have to be found in the real world

    Genre: Augmented Reality

    Development Status:  Released (May 7, 2019)

    Platform: Android


    • 2 sets of photographs in 2 cities that have to be found in order to reveal a gift.
    • Location-based gameplay; you have to travel to the actual locations in the real world to complete the game

    An Arsenal/football themed breakout game

    Genre: Arcade

    Development Status:  Released (May 7, 2018)

    Platform: Android


    • Physics driven brick breaking game
    • Various upgrades and harmful effects that spawn when blocks are broken
    • Level generating algorithm that can turn any image into a level


    Puppets and Pawns
    In a medieval fantasy city where tensions between various factions run high, manipulate the balance of power and lead your criminal organisation to gain control of the city.

    Genre: Grand Stategy

    Status: Game Design (2016)

    • Explore a medieval fantasy city with many distinct characters and factions that will be different every time the game is played.
    • Recruit agents with a large variety of different personalities, roles and skills to expand your criminal enterprise.
    • Send your agents out on tactical crime operations, such as burglaries, espionage, assassinations and raids, where they will have to avoid guards, traps and magical defenses.
    • Avoid investigation by the City Guard, to prevent your notoriety from reaching levels where the elite of the city will take action against you.
    • Navigate and manipulate the balance of power between the four major factions and the common people of the city.
    • Infiltrate the various factions of the and gain influence in them to expand your own power.
    • Many different paths leading to the same ultimate goal; taking control of the city.

    Game Design Wiki 

    My personal website

    • Programming lessons created to be used at the schools where I teach programming to children
    • A place to display, host and distribute games and other projects I create